Akingboye Congratulates Boris Johnson


Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

Otunba Bamidele Akingboye (OBA), the leading People’s Democratic Party (PDP), gubernatorial aspirant in the 2020 polls in Ondo state joins plethora of Nigerians in United Kingdom (UK) in congratulating Boris Johnson on his election as the leader of the conservatives.

Boris Johnson who won his Conservatives Party’s majority votes is expected to become the new UK Prime Minister tomorrow, Wednesday, 24th June, 2019.

As an ardent follower of UK politics amongst others, Akingboye acknowledges Johnson’s delivery capacity, life changing cum exemplary leadership quality. All alluding to he, Akingboye’s vastness and political exposure as he’s not found lacking in contributions to humanity and immense understanding of world politics.

Otunba Akingboye gladly celebrates Johnson on the first phase of this political journey and wishes him a successful outing and swift ride in the forthcoming general election.


Oyeniyi Iwakun

Press Secretary to Otunba Bamidele Akingboye

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