OBA 2020: Time To Rejuvenate Ondo State

By Oyedele Babatunde

Aforetimes, the good people of Ondo state had course to tarry upon the birth of a government that will not only get concerned about their strength in civil service but also, ignite their innate skills and abilities.

Ondo, arguably the most endowed South Western state boasts of a large number of human and mineral resources. The Oil producing state has large number of civil servants with need for more, a requirement to initiate a facial uplift in terms of commercial activities that will in turn create massive development in the economic sector of the state.

It is believed that the good people of Ondo state are being underutilized and this has relinquished the growth pace expected of the state in all sectors.

These and other pestering issues bedevilling the state and her people today lift the lid on a clarion call for Otunba Bamidele Akingboye, OBA’s intervention. Alluding to this, He, OBA is contesting in the forthcoming gubernatorial elections under the umbrella of the People’s Democratic Party.

Without mincing words, OBA is utterly pregnant with ideas and concomitantly ready to deliver them if given the opportunity to serve as Governor of the state.

Yes, we have heard lots of unattainable and toom promises from past administrations. Many a times we’ve been left with promises which could only be attained in a cold day in hell.

Straying away from this trending anomalies in the political sphere of the state, OBA’s untainted integrity and history of humanistic affliation clears every ambiguity that could cast doubt on his promise delivery and actualization capacity.

Digging mildly into his exquisite qualities; Akingboye’s immense knowledge in community development can’t be overemphasized as he’s unalienated to the plights of the masses and downtrodden.

Moreover, his industrial rejuvenation mission is one mandate he places at the string of his heart. A clear indication of this is his formidable relationships with progressive sons and daughters of the land who are ready to play their pragmatic roles in growing the state alongside him.

Akingboye’s tentacles is long spread connecting progressive individuals vis-a-vis well meaning organizations and companies home and abroad so as to make Ondo state a commercial hub; differently from how she’s being relegated to a mere civil service state.

Furthermore, his plans to create a depolarised and enabling environment for visitors and settlers to thrive is one step in the right direction in ameloirating the economy woes of the state.

Rehabilitation of dilapidated roads and creation of more motorable roads connecting towns and communities are part of the mouthwatering offers Akingboye’s emergence would bring.

Education and Health sector would not be jetissoned. His undying interest and concerned for quality education and health care is one factor that would raise the bar on these sectors. And consequently, create platforms for its accessibility to all and sundry.

OBA is a leader and philanthropist per excellence that sees to the welfare of the people. His history of contribution to humanitarian cum life changing programmes is yet another point of contact to what his coming holds.

It’s high time the people of Ondo state stopped celebrating mediocrity; rather, embrace an exceptional and outstanding leader which is not far-fetched in OBA.

Support Otunba Bamidele Akingboye OBA for Governor, Ondo State, 2020


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